I have always been a mega fan of Mimco - and the brand heavily dominates my accessory box as well as my bag collection! I love their innovative, exciting and unique style.

Thank you Amanda Briskin for starting Mimco with the humble handbag in 1996. (For those who don't already know, Mim was her nickname as a kid. Mim+Co.=Mimco) Not long after - Amanda added sparkle, bows and beads to ensure her creations were original and made a statement.

In 2001, the Mimco 'Panda Bag' was paraded around by Carrie during an episode of Sex and the City... and the phone still rings for its return!

During Mercedes Fashion Week in 2005, Mimco was the sole accessories label featured on the runway. 3 years later their shoe collection was introduced - Mimco were able to accessorise women from head to toe.

Since then Mimco have introduced sunglasses, cosmetics, Christmas ornaments and have what I would consider some of the best sales around!

Their Melbourne team continue to come up with fresh, creative designs biannually... I can't wait to see what they come up with next! ;)

(All images by Mimco)

2014-10-06 11:11 pm