For years I have been interested in typography. The formation of letters, kerning, leading... Some fonts are timeless - like Helvetica Neue and Futura, but every so often a so-hot-right-now font hits the scene and appears everywhere. Soon enough it is so overused we are tired of looking at it and are on to the next ‘big thing’...

Recently there has been a trend towards hand drawn type and I am loving it. It isn't stagnant and gives great inspiration.

I am currently following hand lettering created by Nathan Johnson (Blacklist Studio), Jasmine Dowling, Andreas M Hansen, Alexandra Nelson and Brim Papery to name a few. I enjoy tracking back through their Instagram accounts (some may call it stalking ;) to see how they have evolved - and keep evolving. It’s awesome. They give me a nudge to keep experimenting and growing (so nice to have an excuse to get away from the Mac and get ink all over my fingers).

If you are inspired by a typographer please let me know about them. I would be interested to look them up.

2014-10-29 11:24 pm